Hi Everyone,

This update is it until the 20th so I can enjoy Miss Sophia during Spring Break. She’s also the motivation behind it as her love of science keeps me engaged. Recent discoveries are far more interesting than sequestration and uplifting too.

Enjoy the market highs this week and I’ll be back soon.


A Spring Full of Science
Knowing what’s going on with emerging technology and scientific breakthrough could help with directing the growth portion of your investment portfolio. Think about these. . .

“The revolution will be printed. Call them 3-D printers or personal fabrication tools. A new way to make things is about to become huge.” ~David Bjerklie

“A car designed for the wheelchair bound; driver’s pop the trunk and roll into place behind the steering wheel.” ~TIME

“Junk DNA – not so useless after all. Turns out many diseases are triggered not just in single genes but in a variety of hormones, enzymes, and other metabolic factors. The vast majority of the human genome that scientists had written off is actually alive with activity.” ~Alice Park

“It’s no long us against “nature”. Instead, it’s we who decide what nature is and what it will be.” ~Paul Crutzen, Nobel-winning Chemist

“Observing the Glowing Fish can help determine the thresholds at which toxins affect different organs and tissues.” ~TIME

A surveillance hummingbird? – “The nano air vehicle, wearing the perfect disguise, can do just about anything a real hummingbird can do. This robotic can fly in any direction, hover, rotate, and ascend or descend vertically.” ~TIME

“Discovering the Higgs Boson, a particle that eluded scientists for decades helps explain why our existence is possible. It’s bigger than mere physics, the breakthrough defies the mathematical and brushes up against the spiritual.” ~Jeffrey Kluger

There are so many more. I’m going to spend my Spring Break reading up on them for you.

The opinions expressed above are just that, opinions. Please seek advice before investing.

Until later this month,

Susan Linkous