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“Change should be a friend. It should happen by plan, not by accident.”

~Philip Crosby

Hi Everyone,

December brings one of the most important times of year for me as your fiduciary. It’s time to review, refresh and plan for 2015.

Here’s why it’s so important,

Fiduciary Duties

As someone that manages the assets of others, I stand in a special relationship of trust, confidence and legal responsibility. I take this very seriously and it is one of the many things that differentiate my firm from others. Not all in this profession are held to that high of a standard.

If you are not currently working with The Linkous Group, Ltd., I encourage you to learn about the fiduciary standard when hiring an advisor.

Investment Policy Statements

The IPS is not a contract. I prefer to think of it as a detailed checklist that defines roles and responsibilities. It’s designed to make certain that we understand your financial objective for the upcoming year, risk tolerance and appropriate investment vehicles to be used.

Investment Policy Statements are working documents that are meant to be updated and referred to often while monitoring performance.

You need to have yours updated fairly regularly. For clients of The Linkous Group, Ltd., this is part of your annual service. Others are welcome to reach out to me if help is needed in this area.


Investment fiduciaries generally
follow a well-defined process of
assisting clients with organization of finances, the formalization of a plan to achieve their goals, implementation of agreed upon plan and monitoring.

December is the time of year to plan for 2015. Let’s get it done and work together toward a prosperous 2015.

Until next week,
Susan R. Linkous

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