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Income investors may have found 2013 frustrating as bond prices saw real volatility. This year is starting off on a better note. Let’s look at the high-yield market.


High-yield Bonds

As economic data improves, prices of high-yield bonds should too. We have seen some of this already in 2014 and, even if this year isn’t as strong as last for high-yield investors, I can still say we believe in them.

These bonds are showing resiliency to slowly rising rates and fewer Fed bond purchases.

Many investment-grade bonds suffered last year and may continue to struggle so income investors will need to look at alternatives. High-yield/junk bonds are not for everyone so make sure you reach out to discuss how they may work for you.


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High-yield/junk bonds are not investment-grade securities, involve substantial risks, and generally should be part of the diversified portfolio of sophisticated investors.

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