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Bugs have never bothered me that much. The exception would be mosquitoes but even I have to admit that the new malaria-proof ones are pretty cool. If you have been reading these blogs for a while, you know that new technology fascinates me to no end. Bloomberg-Businessweek (July 23-29, 2012) ran an article about bug breeding with some awesome results.

Investing allows people to educate themselves and then participate in the growth of future technologies that will change our world. I believe it’s the best way to keep your head in the game and to have a voice.

I hope you find this stuff exciting too.


Bring on the Bugs

“The global crop-protection industry is dominated by agrochemical companies such as Syngenta, Monsanto, and Bayer CropScience. It’s also dominated by awesome, crime-fighting bugs (note: that is not a technical term). With U.S. and European Union regulators, not to mention supermarket chains, toughening their stance against traditional pesticides, Basel-based Syngenta is now breeding and selling fly-munching mites, caterpillar-killing wasps, and “premium quality” bees in bulk to help farmers find chemical-free solutions to crop damage.” ~Patrick Winters and Jack Kaskey

The global market for crop protection exceeds $44 Billion!

It makes sense to consider the importance of feeding an ever-growing world population while seeking out the healthiest ways to do it. Industries like this deserve our attention.

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