Hi Everyone,

I began eliminating paper in my firm about two years ago and we are almost “paperless” today. The efficiency is astounding and now I’m eliminating one more of my paper addictions, the newspaper advertising.

Here’s the thought behind it,

PBS and the Internet
Public television plays an important role in my life. The access to information and the quality of it is key and Eight, Arizona PBS is worth more of my support and they will be getting most all of my 2013 ad budget.

If you haven’t visited their website lately, do it. It’s a great resource and one that is a great match for my goal of becoming truly paperless.


Tech Savvy Clients

Email has become the preferred manner of communication between my firm and clientele. The ratio of email to phone calls is around 100:1.

LPL Financial provides paperless statement delivery for those that choose it and about 80% of you already have. Security concerns seem to be fading as we all learn how to be more tech savvy.

Important documents can be scanned and saved to your file through cloud systems. We even have electronic signature options now. Just think, I can access the data you need me to from almost anywhere. It makes me accessible and that feels good.

Age doesn’t seem to be a hindrance. I’ve learned all kinds of tech tricks from my clients; the last hot tip came from an 88-year-old. It’s a good thing, embrace it.

Portfolio Picks

As we head toward the holidays, end of 2012 and a busy Congressional session, here is a look at some of the investments I will be picking for you along with a few I likely won’t.

Likely in the Stocking:

U.S. Inflation-Protected Bonds

High-Quality Municipal Bonds and Corporate Bonds

Likely Missing from the Stocking:

Long-Term U.S. Government Bonds

High-Yield/Junk Bonds

Bank and Insurance Company Stock

Not intended as specific investment advice. Please consult your advisor before investing. All investments carry some risk including loss of principal. Generally speaking, U.S. Government bonds are considered the safest.