Weekly Quote

“People don’t have to like or support you, so you always have to say thank you.”

~Ruben Studdar

Hi Everyone,

Playing well with others can be a challenge for us all. As 12/31 approaches, I encourage putting energy into the following cooperative efforts.

~Susan R. Linkous

International Monetary Fund

The Fall meeting of the IMF took place recently in Tokyo. I can’t remember the last time, summations of these discussions were upbeat and, although not as bad as some, this one did have a clear concern.

Countries must cooperate and coordinate their efforts when tackling economic challenges. A global economy demands it and a slow down can occur without it.

This lack of cooperation is likely to be felt everywhere but of particular concern right now are the euro zone, India and Brazil.

Let’s keep up on the decisions and policies that impact us as global citizens.

~Susan R. Linkous

End of Year Planning

Before 12/31, every investor should have a meaningful conversation with their advisor regarding end of year planning.

Focus on:

~Estimated taxes paid versus what’s likely due
~Decision on when to take gains, losses or both
~Fiscal cliff concerns and what might make sense for you
~Retiree income planning for 2013
~Retirement plan contributions and structure
~Market conditions and your expectations

Required Distributions

If you own an IRA and are over 70.5 years of age, please make certain to take your required minimum distribution. Most of my clients will receive theirs in October but, if any doubt exists, please check with me. The penalties are high for missing this requirement.
Until next week,