Hi Everyone,

As Sophia and I return to work and school from our Fall Break, I feel quite renewed and almost excited about what the 4th quarter may continue to bring. There should be some sweet spots and productive things to do.

Here’s to looking forward and countin’ on the candy,


Nestle S.A. has come up in a few conversations in my office lately. Nestle (NSRGY) makes chocolate products, operates globally, plans on capitalizing on the emerging economies, and much more. This week, I want you to look closer at three well-known companies, what they do, and how many of their products you have in your home right now. After that, ask yourself why or why not you wouldn’t want to own their stock. (I’m not recommending you buy. I am recommending that you think about the appropriateness of them for your portfolio.)

Nestle’s (NSRGY) brands include Stouffer’s, Gerber baby products, Lean Cuisine, and Coffee-Mate just to name a few. It’s a smart foreign company giving us what we like and need while making sure the emerging economies are getting their likes too.

General Mills (GIS) is best known for cereal products like Cheerios and Fiber One. They also own Yoplait yogurt products, Green Giant, and Haagen-Dazs. Yes, a U.S. company operates Haagen-Dazs and a foreign one Gerber.

Heinz (HNZ) provides the world with ketchup and they don’t stop there. Heinz operates Classico, Smart Ones, Weight Watchers, and Ore-Ida (Sophia prefers her tator tots without ketchup but they got this household on one!)

Stock investing always involves risk which can mean loss of principal but it’s also an efficient way to participate in the global economy and quest for wealth. If your pantry is stocked with these products, you might just be getting some of your money back should they continue to prosper.

I prefer this to coupon clipping.

Until next week,

Susan R. Linkous