With 2023 well underway, we can put 2022 into clear perspective and move on knowing that efficient implementation of investment strategy means we don’t have to try and outguess markets, we simply have to access and participate in them.

David Booth has taken the time demonstrate just this in attached piece2 Forward 1 Back. It’s a must read!

Of all the great events in our area this time of year, it’s the car shows that Sophia and I get the most excited about. All makes, models and ages appeal to us. I’m not sure if being a car enthusiast is in the genes but it may be. My mother, Bettye, loved race cars and years ago spent quite a bit of time with the Petty family. Growing up in Hawaii meant not owning a vehicle as public transportation is just easier in Honolulu but I bought my first car early upon arriving on the mainland. Sophia grew up attending Barrett-Jackson, Mecum auctions and all the weekend shows throughout Arizona. She recently joined the Mazda MX5 ride club and is taking driving courses from Radford Racing soon and so. . . the tradition continues.

“The car is the closest thing we will ever create to something that is alive.” ~ Sir William Lyons

You can’t escape the costs and risks associated with owning these delightful machines and this is why I wanted to remind you that clients of The Linkous Group LTD can access many services in addition to investment management. Insurance reviews are a crucial component to wealth planning and preservation. I hold all lines of insurance licensing, education and expertise. You can get thorough reviews and guidance on what types of coverages are must haves and those risks better self-insured. Business buy-sell planning, funding, life insurance, and using insurance to minimize certain taxes are all services you can and should avail yourself of. It’s included in your portfolio management fee and if you need to make changes or add coverage, you’ll get connected with the best professionals to do just that including the vast department at LPL Financial.

Tax season is upon us and I hope you find the attached data card useful. Another service that you should fully utilize is our tax planning review. In these reviews, I will meet with your CPA, EA or other tax professional to make certain that we are functioning as an efficient, wealth creation and preservation team for you.

Until Next Time,

Susan Linkous

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