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Once a year the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) puts out a list of some of the best financial websites. I look forward to finding new ones too and I hope you’ll find a few useful.


Great Financial Websites

MyMoney.gov – financial planning site full of useful tools covering most aspects of personal finance.

FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) – investors can find current data and analyses on economic climate and indicators.

SEC EDGAR (www.sec.gov/edgar) – stock investors should know the importance of reading a company’s 10-K form. It is full of information that isn’t easy to find elsewhere.

LIFE (Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education) www.lifehappens.org – a great site to learn about life, disability, long-term care and health insurance. Includes consumer guides that can really help you avoid mistakes when buying insurance.

The Economist (www.economist.com) – if you like to scroll headlines and keep up with international news and view points, it’s a great site. I value the global perspective and hardly miss a day visiting.

Investopedia – financial literacy made easy through use of different levels. Something for everyone and very comprehensive.

If you have a favorite of your own, let me know.

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The statements above are opinion only and not intended as specific investment advice. The content of the websites named is not controlled by The Linkous Group LTD or LPL Financial. Therefore, we make no guarantee of the accuracy. The websites named above are not controlled by The Linkous Group LTD or LPL Financial. Therefore, no guarantee is made as to accuracy of the content.

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