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June ended on a sour note with the news out of Greece and Puerto Rico so don’t expect your monthly statements to make you dance. Here are some things we can know and do to make July productive.




Where We’re At

World Business Meeting with Growth Concept
The U.S. equity markets finished the first half of the year mostly flat. Investor’s portfolios likely did too; however, there were some bright spots such as small cap and foreign stocks.
Before overreacting, keep in mind that Greece represents only 0.3% of global GDP and only a handful of banks and financial institutions have significant exposure to Puerto Rican debt. Reach out to me if you need to know your exposure.

Unless you’ve had a significant change in your personal financial life, I am not recommending deviating from the strategies laid out for clients in their 2015 Investment Policy Statements. If you’re with The Linkous Group, Ltd., diversification was the name of the game and I’m confident in what the second half of the year may bring.
Remember that the anxiety over interest rate hikes will continue at least through September.


Summer is the time of year to review estate planning documents, insurance policies and tax issues. It’s usually easier to get your financial team (financial advisor, accountant and attorney) together this time of year to work on your needs and interests. Doing it now ensures there’s enough time remaining to try and make 2015 successful. I’m here to help.
I will be reviewing accounts for rebalancing needs and opportunities as well so please tell me if you are expecting a significant change (up or down) in your tax liability over 2014.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any additional resources. Happy 4th of July to you and yours.

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