Hi Everyone,

Here’s wishing all of you a great start to what I hope will be a great year. Remaining flexible is key to successful investment management and I believe 2013 will make that very clear. As we move forward, I expect that most portfolios will see substantial reallocation compared to 2012, a year marked by holding on to a few good things.

The following is a quick look at where change is likely.


Flexibility in 2013

Last year saw unusually high cash balances in many accounts and larger than normal concentrations of U.S. Large Cap stock positions. The reasons for this varied greatly from investor to investor; however, it is likely to change for most everyone in 2013.

Fixed income yields remain low but they’re attractive compared to cash so the first place I will ask you to be flexible will be putting this cash back to work. Each dollar is like an employee working for you so we need each and every one to produce.

U.S. equity markets performed well in 2012 and investors preferred domestic issues over investing abroad. It’s time to get these portfolios balanced and global. The areas I will likely be discussing with you are international core holdings and global small cap growth stocks.

Investment selection will vary from client to client depending on your needs and risk tolerance. Market conditions will change daily and remaining flexible will allow for better decision making. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results but I believe most of your goals can be met in 2013.

Think global, be flexible and I’ll help you hold your investments accountable.

Happy New Year,

Susan R. Linkous


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