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High-yield bonds are held in many of the accounts that I manage and they have been impacted somewhat by recent events so I would like to share the following comments from Anthony Valeri, CFA to provide some perspective.

Before we get started, let’s remember that high-yield/junk bonds are not investment grade securities and they involve substantial risks. Generally, they should be part of a diversified portfolio of sophisticated investors.

“Normally strong economic data is supportive of high-yield bonds, as a growing economy generally boosts the credit quality of underlying high-yield bond issuers. However, this is the second time that tapering fears have led to cheaper high-yield bond valuations despite an improving economy. In May of this year, high-yield bonds weakened when the Fed first mentioned tapering. Similarly, the first full week of November witnessed cheaper high-yield bond valuations as better economic data raised the prospect of the Fed tapering bond purchases.

A low default environment will likely limit the degree of high-yield bond weakness absent a weaker economy or signs that Fed tapering may dramatically impair market liquidity.

We expect high-yield bonds to prove more resilient to rising rates but caution investors that returns may be lower over the coming year.”

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Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. The comments above are opinion only and should not be taken as specific investment advice.