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Week of August 17, 2011

Hi Everyone,

I doubt this week will bring the drama of the past few and that’s a good thing. We can take some time to focus on two things that are always on the minds of my clients. Income and healthcare. This is how one can help the other.

Happy reading,

~Susan R. Linkous

Income & Healthcare

Back in 2001, I really thought we would be dealing with low rates for a couple years. Could it really be a couple of decades? I’m tired of guessing when rates will rise. And so another period of using total return and other strategies to generate income for retired investors begins. Harvesting gains from interest, dividends, and capital gains isnt’ likely to go out of fashion anytime soon.

Keeping the above in mind, I find the following comments from Bob Bach, Chief Economist at Grubb & Ellis most intriguing.

“Americans are consuming more healthcare services. One of the forces potentially encouraging the growth in physician office visits is the growth of patient treatment options. In the fourth quarter of 2010, venture capital spending in the categories of biotechnology, medical devices and equipment represented 23% of all venture capital spending.”

With more people willing and needing to spend in this area comes demand for service providers and the space to seek treatment in.

“Medical office is one of the most well tracked healthcare property types and one of the most available to investors. Medical office buildings, while not recession-proof, tend to be more recession-resistant. Vacancy and rental rates do not exhibit the peaks and valleys of general office space.”

To begin a discussion about all the ways investors may gain exposure to this asset class and determine if it is appropriate for you, call.

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