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It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m trying to prepare for the 4am start to tomorrow. Sophia and I sure have enjoyed these past two weeks. Thanks to those that shared your holidays with us. We had a ball! Now, it’s time to work on generating income for investors in 2012.


“Income strategies are becoming increasingly important to a broad universe of investors. That is because in an investment climate marked by moderating market returns and heightened volatility, income can play a positve role in portfolio performance.

80% of affluent investors cite a steady income stream as one of their most important financial concerns. – 2011 Allianz Global Investors Poll

Income doesn’t have to be “fixed”. The good news is that investors need not depend on any one type of investment to generate income. There are actually many opportunities for income across the financial markets – including some with a relatively low sensitivity to changes in interest rates.

Savvy income investors can consider the entire capital structure of a company- looking at both debt and equity investments- to find the point at which there appears to be the best balance of risk and reward.

Many investors are understandably concerned about market volatility. Income strategies are inherently defensive, since an income stream can help offset the impact of short-term price declines.”

~contributed by Allianz Global Investors

My job is to educate you on investment vehicles that may help you generate income and improve your portfolio performance. Please start 2012 off by evaluating your needs and opportunities in this area. I can help.

Susan R. Linkous

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Happy New Year!

Quote of the Week

“Well begun is half done.”


Interesting Fact:

In 1945, there were 42 workers supporting each Social Security beneficiary. Today, there are only three.

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