Hi Everyone,

It’s time to wrap up 2015 and I’m sure you’ll agree that, as investors, saying goodbye to this year will be good. There are things to do though so let’s look forward.



The Rate Issue

It’s fair to assume that one of the reasons for 2015 being so lackluster in terms of market performance was the indecision surrounding our first rate hike since 2006. We appear to have that issue behind us and can move forward into 2016 with some clarity.

You will likely hear many opinions about the real impact of rising rates on your portfolio and I’m hear to tell you that it’s manageable and should not cause undue concern.

Please reach out to me to discuss how it may specifically impact you.


Here are a few things to consider before 12/31:

  1. Make certain that the proper Required Minimum Distribution has been taken from your IRAs if you are over 70 1/2.
  2. Many investors realized gains in early 2015 and may have unrealized losses now. Discuss tax-loss harvesting strategies with your advisor or CPA.
  3. Think about 2016 in terms of income needs, changes to overall finances, insurance risks and personal goals. Make sure your advisor is made aware of any changes over 2015.

Holiday Wish

May this Joyous Season bring you peace, health, happiness and. . .


Susan R. Linkous