Hi Everyone,

For the week of Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but remember how many times I’ve been told I love lists. It’s true and I have a few of them working right now. If you love them as much as I do, here are a few things you can add to yours.

But first . .

Quote of the Week:

“Honesty is the recognition of the fact that the unreal is unreal and can have no value, that neither love nor fame nor cash is a value if obtained by fraud.”

~Ayn Rand

LPL Financial has opted to take an IRS allowed extension regarding issuance of 1099 documents. Data such as investment fees paid and IRA distributions taken can be provided by me prior to receipt of 1099 if needed. Clients can expect my assistance where needed this tax season. Please keep in mind that I will be traveling outside of the U.S. from March 10th – 19th. During this time, LPL Financial may be contacted directly at 1-800-558-7567 or Natalie Varela in my Fountain Hills office at 480-836-2326.

The question I am most frequently asked is “What are you buying?”. It’s the hardest to answer due to each investor having different objectives and the legal disclosures required to even mention certain names or ideas. But, there are certain sectors of the equity market that I am interested in right now:

Agricultural equipment companies
Automobile suppliers, component manufacturers
Consumer goods, beverage companies
Technology, service/solutions providers

You may call me to discuss the firms in these sectors and whether or not they may be appropriate for your portfolio.

Notes: Please seek specific tax advice from your accountant. Stock investing including sector investing involves great risk including loss of principal.

Until next week,