The Linkous Group, Ltd.
A Registered Investment Advisor
“Susan On Money”

Hi Everyone,

We are on vacation.

Please make note of the following resources available to you during our vacation. We will return to normal schedule March 21st.


Resources Available to You

Corporate Office in Fountain Hills
(480) 836-2326 or (866) 361-8863
Available to schedule appointments upon our return, take messages, and receive documents.

LPL Financial
(800) 558-7567
Assistance for existing clients wishing to place trades or handle any issue involving the movement of money or securities. Please have your account number available.

Website and Email
Website will provide you with basic information about my firm and services offered. You may also access past weekly updates by clicking on the blog link. Emails may be sent at anytime but must not include buy or sell orders as they may not be responded to before the 21st. All such orders should be directed to LPL Financial at number above.

Tax Matters
Please send a detailed email to with any tax related issues. These will be answered promptly upon my return and will receive top priority. It may be expeditious for you to provide direct contact information to your CPA with all such inquiries.

Thanks for your patience during this time and I hope everyone has a wonderful couple of weeks.

~Susan R. Linkous

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