The following was printed in the February 18th, 2011 edition of the Phoenix Business Journal:

Choosing a financial advisor is a tough investment decision. And like any investment, it takes research. The Colorado-based nonprofit National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices did some of the legwork for you. This past fall, NABCAP invited thousands of financial advisers throughout the region to participate in a benchmarking process. Rank Premier Advisors, an independent third-party, evaluated the results by scoring each participant in 20 categories of practice management – such as customer service, accountability, risk management and transparency. NABCAP verified practice information (assets under management, fee structure, number of clients and support staff ratios) and each adviser’s compliance and certification records. Teams that did not meet a minimum quality score were disqualified, and of those that remain, the Top 48 highest-scoring are published. .


I am honored to have been selected as on of the Top 48 Wealth Managers and Financial Planners in Arizona.

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Susan R. Linkous