Hi Everyone,

Here’s wishing you the best in 2015. Our outlook is positive and we want to make certain adjustments are made to financial plans, where needed, and that all communication lines are open so we can take full advantage of opportunities.

Let’s get going,



We are thinking that 2015 will be kind to U.S. equity markets and would not be surprised to see high single digit returns. Certain sectors could perform in manners much like 2014.

Increases in volatility are likely making it important for investors to manage expectations well and work closely with advisors on risk management strategies.

Economic forecasts/predictions are not guarantees. The above comments are opinion and should not be taken as specific investment advice.


A few minor adjustments to portfolio allocation can make a big difference in total return.

Let us know of any significant change in your tax bracket, income needs or future expenses.

We will keep you informed of relevant economic data and investment options that can bring it all together.

Keep total return in mind. It includes interest, capital gains, dividends and distributions realized over a given period of time.


The Linkous Group, Ltd. has planned numerous upgrades to our website and all social media outlets designed to bring numerous points of access, improved efficiency and some modern “fun” too.

Email enhancements were completed at end of 2014. Let us know if you are or have ever had any issue contacting us that way.

Outdated phone numbers continue to be an issue. If you have changed from a landline to a mobile number or have changed that, please let us know right away.


Happy New Year All,

Susan R. Linkous