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September is one of the busiest months as we adjust portfolios in preparation for the fourth quarter. This year the focus is on rebalancing.

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Rebalancing & Distributions

Before we get into why rebalancing makes sense, please remember that, if you are over 70 1/2 years young, you are required to take a minimum distribution from your qualified retirement accounts. For help in calculating and putting a strategy together for this, contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

Investment professionals can differ on how valuable they feel rebalancing is and even how they define it. Here’s my view:

It’s absolutely necessary.

Your portfolio was originally allocated to try and meet a specific objective and risk level (hopefully). Many have experienced growth over the past few months and most of it from the U.S. equity markets.

This likely means that the growth portion is too heavy. It may make sense to identify ways to keep the positive momentum going without losing sight of the original plan. This could include diversification into other asset classes, sweeping profits to cash or looking for value positions (those things the market may have overlooked or put on sale).


Aside from my firm, you may find the following websites useful resources on topics such as those above.

smartmoney.com – a subsidiary of Smart Money magazine

briefing.com – live news and analysis of US equity and fixed income markets

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