To Be Responsible or Not – “Susan On Money”

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The common thread thus far in 2017, from my vantage point, is responsibility. Who has it and do we want it? Let’s look at the social side.

Being Socially Responsible

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Social responsibility is a notion that businesses could and should balance their profit making opportunities with those that benefit a/the greater good. Duty bound or not, it’s their choice and yours too when deciding to invest.
Help or Hindrance
Now, I’m going simply state my mind on this and you all should know that, in no way is this an opinion on which you should act, investment programs should be individually tailored. Here goes:
*Taught to ask every client if they have an issue with certain companies or industries that would limit investment opportunities.
*Most clients say “no, just make money”; however, they tend to live their lives with very strong convictions about certain things such as drinking, tobacco, and so called sinful acts.
I suggest that I should have never been taught that refraining from investing in certain industries would limit your opportunities. It does not. The only limits are those that, as a team, we decide on together. . . Client and Advisor.

Thoughts on 2017 Taxes

Current tax forms and pencil on money with stamp for taxes
Although we are all glad tax season is behind us, it’s never too early to keep a few things in mind as we head through 2017:
1) Realized capital losses can be used to offset gains and be deducted up to $3,000 in the given year. Unused losses can also be carried forward reducing an investor’s tax bills.
2) When taking losses be careful of wash sale rules if purchasing a “substantially identical” investment within 30 days of the harvesting of the loss.
Please reach out to me for clarification on this if in doubt. We don’t want you to have your loss disallowed.


Summer Service Update

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During the months of June and July, normal business hours will be Monday through Thursday 8am – 4pm MST. Fridays are by appointment only. All emails and voice messages will be answered the same business day.

Let me know if you have any questions or need any additional resources.