Hi Everyone,

With the drama of the past few weeks temporarily behind us, I want to take a look at one of the primary reasons we continue to see strength in the U. S. equity markets. . .

the Consumer.


Shop or Drop

“Acknowledging the consumer’s leading role in keeping the U.S. economy moving forward in recent years, revenue and profit trends within the consumer discretionary sector will be very influential on overall U.S. stock market performance in the quarters to come.” ~Michael G. Thompson, S&P Global Markets Intelligence 10/18/2013

The discretionary sector has been a leader over the last 5 years and the equity bull market may be quite dependent on it.

Advertising to Tires

The Consumer Discretionary sector is vast and includes almost everything from advertising to tires:





Automobiles & Parts

Clothing & Shoes

Home Improvement


The Next Few Quarters

“The U.S. consumer is only empowered to the extent that they are underpinned by positive fundamentals such as the number of new jobs created and increasing household wages. For this and other reasons relating to the likelihood and magnitude of “tapering” conducted by the Federal Reserve over the course of 2014, we will continue to closely follow U.S. labor market developments in the months ahead.” ~Michael G. Thompson 10/18/2013

Cautiously optimistic,

Susan R. Linkous

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