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Old adages like “sell in May and go away” appear to have been ignored this month as U.S. equity markets continued to show strength. As we move through summer, the strategy is simple. . .

steady as you go and rely on common sense.



Chris Davis of Davis Advisors wrote “Investors should not be optimistic or pessimistic but realistic, taking into account the key important and knowable factors, both positive and negative that can affect their returns over time.”

I couldn’t agree more and understand that my role, as an advisor, is to help identify those factors. It is through knowing a few key things that perspective can be maintained.


Having the discipline to bear in mind a few simple things may make your investment experience more rewarding. My favorite three are:

1) Ignore short-term forecasts. Today’s world is information rich and predictions about interest rates and market direction seldom prove to be of real value.

2) Forget about timing the market or chasing what’s hot. Remember that real businesses exist under these holdings and selection of the right ones will likely beat out timing and jumping on something everyone else is interested in.

3) Take a systematic approach to putting cash to work. For example, buy a little each week over the course of several weeks regardless of market conditions. This keeps emotion out and capitalizes on market fluctuations.

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