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It was nice to see some better performance in February and I hope it doesn’t get lost on you in midst of tax season and political news. Hopefully, this will help.

Tax Document Update:

Hand holding a magnifying glass with tax form 1040 in background
Tax documents, including 1099 forms, are sent out by most all financial institutions in waves depending on account complexity and holdings. Your custodian will send their final wave out on March 15th.
Please understand that they compile data from all investment companies for you and, per IRS mandate, strive to reduce the number of corrections that have to be issued.
If you need some basic data like realized gains and/or fees while you wait, send me an email. You will still need the detailed document to file.


Frequently asked for my view on the economy, I agree with Martin Feldstein of The Wall Street Journal:
“While the stock market’s recent declines have been unsettling, they’re not the precursor of an economic downturn. Markets are just sloughing off the “inevitable” effects of seven years of near-zero interest rates, an unconventional Federal Reserve policy. . .”
“Fortunately, the “necessary corrections” of the markets are happening when the economy is strong. We are essentially at full employment. Real income is strong, the value of homes is 7 percent higher than last year, and falling oil prices should boost consumer spending this year and next.”
“It would be a mistake for the Fed to panic and abandon its plan of gradually raising interest rates.”


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Nearly 100% of the dozens of people I speak to each day, voice some real concern about the upcoming election. It’s black or white. I rarely hear anything neutral.
Your politics and your financial concerns should not be this closely tied. Staying neutral on the politics when making investment decisions helps in my experience.
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Susan R. Linkous