Hi Everyone,

A few times per year, I write about new technology and this time it’s a look at my firm as well as the interesting sector.


Technology Update

Effective September 29th, those clients currently using our online account view system will be upgraded to a new portal.

I need you to be patient, follow the online guide or send me an email if you need help. You can keep your same login data but will need to go through an initial verification.

It’s worth your time and friendlier to use so let’s work together to keep you up and running.

I am also planning on a new design for your statements next year. Please let me know your thoughts on what you would like to see.

Thanks in advance!

Amazing Things

“New voice recognition software will make future computers even smarter. Soon they’ll be able to listen to their human operators and gauge what tasks need doing.

Within five years 3D printing will be using a variety of materials, including metal, nylon, clay, wood pulp and plastics. . . what used to take a week and cost $300 is now accomplished in two hours for $10.

Coming to fashion runways soon: High-tech clothing with amazing features. . . fabrics that change colors, repel oil, kill bacteria, charge cell phones and more.

Chemical nanolayers will protect soldiers from biological weapons and outdoor workers from bug bites. They’ll help restaurant workers stay clean and mechanics ward off oil stains.”

Kiplinger 9/2013

Investors should know that choosing to invest in a specific sector can bring added risk over a more broadly diversified portfolio due to the narrow focus. This includes the tech sector. The above is opinion and not intended as specific advice.

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