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Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction
Tax Season Reminders

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“The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.”
~Benjamin Franklin

Hi Everyone,

Sophia and I attend the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction most every year. At age 11, she loves cars more than anyone I know. It brings us great happiness to spend time there and this year was just full of fun. It was nice to see people so excited and they were charitable too.
Thanks to those that helped make this annual tradition so special this year!

Tax Season Reminders

Investors due to receive a 1099 can expect them to be mailed out by 2/15/2012. Please keep in mind that revisions are common but seldom require one to file a new return. Should you have any questions on any tax related document, don’t hesitate to call.

To have me review any such document, fax it to: (480) 836-2327.

Clients participating in our fee-based asset management program (SAM) may be able to deduct fees paid. You should receive a statement or email from me by the end of January with these figures. If you do not, please call so that I may provide you with this information.

Management fees on IRA accounts may be paid from other investment accounts with us maximizing deductibility. To request this service, please call or send an email to:

As tax deadline approaches, feel free to schedule an appointment should you need help with IRA contributions, charitable donations, 2012 income and tax payment planning or clarification on 2011 taxable events as they relate to your investments.

Here to help!

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