Hi Everyone,

Last week I mentioned what a great read The Economist gave us with their “The World in 2013” issue. It’s still available and worth your time.

I’m sharing some of it with you below as I look at the countries and industries that investors have asked me about recently.


Countries of Interest

Many of you have inquired about specific countries and their investment opportunities. The reasons have varied from inflation concerns to feeling a need for more diversification. Here are a few stats from The Economist on your most asked about places.

1) Australia – GDP growth 3.0%; Inflation 2.7%; Buoyant commodies market should support the economy. “A natural-resources boom has hurt manufacturing exports; government must decide whether to support uncompetitive factories or expanding mines.”

2) Switzerland – GDP growth 1.2%; Inflation 0.0%. “In a country where double dip is more likely to refer to fondue than the economy, GDP growth will stay in line.”

3) Canada – GDP growth 1.9%; Inflation 1.9%; Government pushing ahead with tax reform and deregulation. “To watch – Go east. The government is hoping to finalise a trade deal with the EU and chip away at export dependency on the US.”

Industry Outlooks

The magazine also includes an industry forecast using weather-related terms such as “partly sunny” to predict what 2013 will bring. Here’s part of the forecast.

Sunny Outlook – automotive, entertainment, IT services and software.

Cloudy – banking, energy, metals, mining, travel and tourism.


Investment related tax documents will go out toward end of February. Please let me know if you need something in the meantime.

The opinions voiced above are not intended to be specific investment advice. All references to specific companies and industries are for educational purposes only. Seek advice before investing.