Hi Everyone,

October is always busy and this one is likely to set a record. Due to political uncertainties, strong equity market performance and rising interest rates, there’s no shortage of work. Sounds fun.

Let’s get busy,


In my perfect world, portfolios have been realigned by 10/1 of each year for the 4th quarter. The aforementioned have pushed this work back a bit and aligned it with annual tax planning. This is not a bad thing; it simply is.

Your job is to inform me of any significant changes in your tax status. Many of you have gains that may need to be realized and certain losses that might make sense to take. Let’s have the conversation.

Taxes in History

A quick refresher about the history of taxation left me longing for new ideas.

3000BC – First evidence of taxation in Egypt

1789 – French Revolution begins; opposition to high tax rates

1798 – Britain introduced to income tax

1980s – Thatcher and Reagan help bring major tax cuts in the UK and US

But I really find it interesting that, as far back as 1817, David Ricardo was suggesting that governments should not fund tax cuts by borrowing money.

Temporary solutions usually come at a price so I really want you to work with me and your CPA now on any of your future tax concerns.

Until next week,
Susan R. Linkous